A miniature barrel from The Keg Factory is an authentic piece of bar furniture. 

The kegs impart the quality of great flavoured oak to your Port, Sherry, Muscat or Spirit, speeding up the maturation process, producing mellow complex tasting beverages.

The Keg Factory kegs are identical to those used in the bulk storage and maturation barrels employed by commercial wine makers.The Keg Factory can also personalise your keg with an range of designs woodburnt by local Barossa Valley Artist Joy Day.

The Keg Factory also specialises in all types of barrel repair and the many other services required by the commercial and home winemaker.

At The Keg Factory you are reminded that wine and wine making is a mainstay of the region and of the many people that work in the industry.

Thousands of casks and kegs are used each year by wine makers to store wine.  The care and maintenance of these traditional storage containers is very important to the quality and flavour of the wine stored within.

The Keg Factory has continued to grow with one main factory location: The Keg Factory, Tanunda South, Barossa Valley South Australia which is open to visitors 7 days a week. Close Public Holidays. Tour groups are welcome.

The Keg Factory in Tanunda South was established in 1985.

The Keg Factory prides itself in maintaining and continuing the tradition of making genuine hand crafted kegs.

Matthew Prior is the resident Cooper of the Tanunda Keg Factory.