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Established in 1985 the Keg Factory prides itself on maintaining and continuing the tradition of making genuine handcrafted oak keg barrels for trade, industry and direct to the consumer

.Port and Spirit keg barrels handcrafted in Tanunda, Barossa South Australia by locally trained coopers using the age-old authentic techniques and traditional tools of barrel making.

Utilising seasoned American oak barrels and some French oak barrels the wood is broken down, reshaped, coopered and re-toasted to form high quality smaller format barrels that come in a multitude of sizes.

Kegs that will intrinsically impart richer flavours, greater complexity and add character when storing Ports, Sherries, Muscat and Spirits. The maturation process being the main catalyst from storing in seasoned American and French oak barrels for an extended period of time.

At The Keg Factory we are reminded that the making of wine, fortified wines and spirits is the mainstay of our region and of the many people that work in the local wine and spirits industry, care and maintenance of these traditional storage containers is very important to the quality and flavour of the products stored within.

Factory and showroom open to visitors 5 days a week. Open on Saturdays by appointment only, and closed Sundays and Public Holidays. Tour groups are welcome. Please give our resident Cooper Matthew Prior or his assistants a call in order to discuss your needs or to answer any general questions about the products we manufacture.