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Barrel Instructions

All barrels are hand crafted and at no point is glue or wax lining used in the manufacturing process, therefore if a barrel is left empty for an extended period it will dry out and leak.

First Fill Instructions.

  1. Swell the oak by filling the barrel with clean warm water and leaving it for an hour – do not submerse the barrel in water. Some initial leakage may occur if the barrel has been left dry for an extended period from the time of purchase or if stored in a dry and hot environment.
  2. If the barrel is still leaking after the first fill then repeat the process of filling with clean warm water a couple more times and leave for two hours and should there be further signs of water leaking then please call the Keg Factory for further advise. Note: Recommended do not leave the same water in a barrel any longer than 48hours.
  3. Once ready empty the water out of the barrel and “immediately” fill with your liquid of choice.
  4. To ensure that the barrel does not dry out and for optimum maturation a barrel’s fluid level should be maintained at half to three quarters full at all times.
  5. Note initial toasting and oak flavours will soften and integrate over the first six months.
  6. Cleaning the outside of a barrel then please use a dry or damp cloth only as polishes and cleaning agents may leach through the wood.
  7. Troubleshooting further problems then please do not hesitate to contact The Keg Factory. Phone: 08 8563 3012
2-Year Barrel Warranty

Terms and Recommended Treatment

  • The maximum term a barrel should be left empty after delivery is 4 weeks.
  • A barrel should be left wrapped and stored in a cool environment until initially filling with clean warm water.
  • Follow first fill instructions as listed and contact The Keg Factory immediately if any problems persist.
  • Barrels should be kept at least half full at all times and topped regularly in order to replace liquid which is lost due to fluid evaporating through the wooden staves.
  • Always keep your barrel stored in a cool environment and out of direct sunlight.